A long forgotten building.

Erick, Oklahoma is home to Roger Miller (King of the Road) and Sheb Wooley (Purple People Eater).

This place is almost a ghost town.

My view of the same courthouse.

Screen shot from the Grapes of Wrath as the Joads pass by the Sayre Oklahoma courthouse.

A mural and a little bar.

Very good museum here too.

Lucille's gas station closed since her passing in 2005. Lucille's Roadhouse is open just up the road with great food.
And we carry on.

1930's Pony bridge consists of 38 trusses.

Oklahoma view.

On the road again.

Yukon, Oklahoma is home to Garth Brooks.

The Round Barn in Arcadia, Ok built in 1898.

A very old station.

A barn along the way.

This is as far as we can go on this stretch of road.

Bridge on 66.

Another old station.

A lot more murals.

This is when I learned the Pontiac car was named after an Indian.

Cat is checking us out while we check him out.

A 'filling station' .

More dirt road and more miles.

A concrete obelisk that marks the Ozark Trail in Oklahoma.

We explored this section of old '66.
The Rock Cafe in Stroud, OK. This place burned recently but the owner decided to rebuild it just as it was. Scorch marks can still be seen on the side. The owner, Dawn, is also the inspiration for one of the characters in Cars.

My heels from a different era!

Nathan's boot.

The "Shoe" tree in Depew, OK. We made a contribution too.

Deserted road.

Route 66 as the frontage road. It also serves another purpose as a basketball court.

The Depew Bumblebees water tower.

Vintage 'filling station'.

Penquin in front of car dealership. Of course.

Yes, we explored another deadend.

A 1925 underpass.

Former Tee-Pee drive-in.

A red brick pavement bridge in dire need of repair.

Another giant alert, coke and pizza!

Somewhere in Oklahoma.

A huge sign advertising for Meadow Gold milk and ice cream.

And another vintage motel.
Another museum.

The Blue Whale, a former swimming hole in Catoosa, OK. I can just stand there and imagine the squeals of kids playing. It's no longer safe to swim in but it's a keeper. The park was built as an anniversary gift.

The other end of the same section that has had a nice neighborhood built up around it.

An old dead alignment.

Cool truck behind us on our brief jaunt on the interstate.

The Will Rogers Memorial in Claremore, OK.

Giant alert! Near Foyil, OK is the world's tallest totem pole which took over 11 years to create.
This is also where we first saw the 4 'motorcycle guys' (as we called them) who we saw many times over the next several days in different states. They are traveling from Florida, over Route 66, to San Diego, up the Pacific Coast Highway, across the northern part of the states and then back to Florida. Whew.

A 1913 house that was mail ordered from the Sears catalog.

Nathan is still trying to find a car that he thinks he can convince me to buy.

The view from inside.

Side trip: The World's Largest McDonald's in Vinita, Ok. It straddles I-44 and we went off the beaten path for a milkshake just to find that the milkshake machine was down. grrrrrrr.